Christ and Culture: How to Be in the World but Not of the World

Episode 12 · February 27th, 2019 · 44 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

What does it mean to be in the world but not of the world and how does this affect evangelization?

Many people assume there are two ways to approach this notion.

On one side is the thought of Christ against culture—that to be loyal to Jesus or the Church I need to run completely away from the world.
On the other side is the Christ of culture—that Jesus is the peak and pinnacle of all culture’s greatest desires, aspirations, and hopes.

Which one is right? What balance should we strike?

Today, Mike and Dave take these two basic concepts and break them down into practical, real life situations. They explain what we should do in regards to the world around us and stress the importance of finding the distinctive Christ element that sets your life apart. We walk a delicate line being in the world and not of it, but Mike and Dave make this line a bit easier to see.

Snippet from the Show:
“We as Christians have to present some difference from the culture at large, the culture of the world. There has to be something different about our life.”

5 Practical Tips:
1) Spiritual Practice: Do an examination of conscience of a secularist mindset. What parts of your life have you brought in from the culture that you really should not have?
2) Read: Jeremiah 29 (the whole chapter).
3) Go Fishing: Do small pious acts in public.
4) Community: Become a regular at one restaurant.
5) Intercessory Prayer: Pray for the conversion of your favorite secular artist.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:
Christ and Culture a book by Richard Niebuhr