Spiritual Warfare in Everyday Christian Life

Episode 11 · February 20th, 2019 · 40 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

Spiritual warfare is more than just an analogy.

It is a reality.

Quite literally, it is a struggle between two kingdoms—a battle between man and that which draws man away from God.

This fighting and resisting evil is a common experience, yet many don’t believe they are at war. Therefore they come unprepared to fight the battle.

Today Mike and Dave approach this topic from the viewpoint of evangelists. They discuss the Church Fathers’ understanding of spiritual warfare, the context behind the Church’s teachings on the subject, and practical ways you can resist evil and equip yourself with the best possible resources.

Snippet from the Show
“This is a battle. This isn’t an analogy, it’s not an allegory … We are actually at war.”

Two mistakes we assume about spiritual warfare:
1) Looking at it as a personal faith issue, that the victory comes from you.
2) That this is just a small part of the Faith.

Resources mentioned in the show
Gaudium et Spes
1 Peter 8
Anima Christi

5 Practical Tips:
1) Pray the St. Michael the Archangel prayer
2) Rekindle your relationship with your guardian angel
3) Read about St. Joseph terror of demons
4) Read Colossians 1-2
5) Do a Marian consecration. There are many different forms.

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