Evangelization in a Post-Christian Society: The Purpose of the Church

Episode 10 · February 13th, 2019 · 47 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

Do you want to evangelize in a post-Christian society? There are a few things you need to know.

We all proclaim the same gospel, but we all need to use different methods. The methods that St. Paul used in Athens or Rome and the approach of a missionary in India, Southeast Asia, or parts of Africa will be different than someone who lives in a post-Christian society.

There are, however, universal principles that stand the test of time. Today, Mike and David go through three ages of evangelization, explain how to overcome four hurdles in evangelizing, and also three different types of evangelizing.

Snippet from the Show:

“No matter how opposed someone is to Christianity, you have to understand that deep down, it is what they want. It is what they most desire. It is the answer to all their questions.”


*5 Practical Takeaways: *
1) Read Evangelii Nuntiandi
2) Fast for someone at your parish
3) Pray and reflect on St. Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit
4) Read 2 Timothy 4
5) Write down and reflect on this quote “She exists in order to evangelize.” What parts of your life exemplify this? What parts do not?

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:
Gaudium et spes
Evangelii nuntiandi (Paragraph 9 and 80)
Redemptoris Missio
Podcast, This Cultural Moment
Introduction to Philosophy by Daniel Sullivan

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