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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

96 episodes of Every Knee Shall Bow (Your Catholic Evangelization Podcast) since the first episode, which aired on November 26th, 2018.

  • What History Can Tell Us about Jesus with Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

    February 19th, 2020  |  42 mins 18 secs
    bible, bible study, catholic, dr. italy, evangelize, gomer, historical context, historical jesus, jesus, jesus christ, marcellino d'ambrosio, mike gormley, ministry, new testament, old testament, romans, understanding jesus

    A thorough understanding of the world Jesus lived in is vital to a thorough understanding of Jesus himself. I’m talking to Marcellino D’Ambrosio, aka “Dr. Italy” founder of Crossroads Initiative and co-author of Jesus: The Way, The Truth, and The Life about the historical context of the Old Testament, the world in which Jesus began his ministry.

  • Spiritual Direction, Church Scandals, and Religion at Work

    February 12th, 2020  |  43 mins 9 secs
    catholic, catholic church, catholic questions, church scandal, dave vanvickle, evangelization, evangelize, gomer, leaving the church, mike gormley, ministry, parish, parishioners, priest, priest scandal, religion at work, spiritual direction, spiritual director

    Dave “The Kangaroo” VanVickle and I are bouncing around (see what I did there?) answering your questions about spiritual direction, Church scandals, and bringing Jesus into secular work environments, like the medical field and academia.

  • Why We Can’t Earn God’s Love

    February 5th, 2020  |  53 mins 28 secs
    apologetics, catholic, catholic church, catholic ministry, dave vanvickle, earning god's love, evangelization, evangelize, faith, god's love, gomer, grace, justification, justified, justified by christ, mike gormley, ministry, parish, works

    Dave “The Meateater” VanVickle and I talk about the trap of thinking we need to earn God’s love. This idea is what leads us to that “holier-than-thou” attitude where we congratulate ourselves for not sinning, and then look down on those who are struggling with sin. The reality is that God is a loving father who will give us what we need to serve and love him (aka grace). It’s not through our own efforts that we earn God’s love, it is a free gift that we can respond to … or not.

  • Online Evangelization with Brandon Vogt

    January 29th, 2020  |  35 mins 35 secs
    brandon vogt, catechism, catholic, catholic ministry, confirmation, evangelization, gomer, how to read more, mike gormley, ministry, new media, online evangelization, word on fire

    Today, I’m talking to the one and only Brandon Vogt, Content Director at Word on Fire, and expert in all things online evangelization. We talk about Bishop Barron, debating with atheists, proving the existence of God, and how to read more books.

  • Prison Stories with Gomer

    January 22nd, 2020  |  47 mins 51 secs
    catholic, catholic church, catholicism, dave vanvickle, evangelize, gomer, kolbe prison ministry, mike gormley, ministering, ministry, prison ministry, prison stories

    Dave “The Exception for Every Rule” Van Vickle is back with me, Mike “Gomer” Gormley, as we talk about the ups and downs of prison ministry.

  • From the Archives: Spiritual Warfare in Everyday Christian Life

    January 15th, 2020  |  40 mins 28 secs
    angels, catholic, catholic church, catholic prayer, dave vanvickle, demons, from the archives, gomer, michael gormley, prayer, prayer life, prayer warriors, spiritual warfare, temptation, vanvickle family

    First off, I want to thank you all for your pouring of prayers, concern, and even money to the VanVickle family as his wife battles cancer. He wanted me to tell you that he has been uniquely blessed by your love and support and he is praying for you all.

    This week’s show is from our archive. Episode 10 of Season 1 of EKSB is our most popular episode so far because it shows the cosmic dimensions of evangelization, that is, spiritual warfare. As Dave reminds us, the ordinary way the Devil attacks us is through temptation and the ordinary means by which we destroy the works of the devil is evangelization.

  • The Christian Meaning of Generosity

    January 8th, 2020  |  11 mins 15 secs
    asking for money, catholic, catholic church, catholic giving, christian giving, dave vanvickle, evangelization, evangelize, fundraising, giving, gomer, michael gormley, mike gormley, ministry, parish, tithe, tithing

    Dave “Brother from the Blessed Mother” VanVickle is unfortunately not with us today. Just before Christmas, Dave’s wife was diagnosed with stage four cancer, so please storm heaven with your prayers for Amber VanVickle and their family! Today is a short episode about the meaning of generosity in the Christian life. We don’t usually hear about generosity until tithing time, but generosity extends far beyond dollars. We need to practice generosity at all times, especially when it comes to our prayers and participation in the Church.

  • 5 Resolutions for Catholic Evangelizers

    January 2nd, 2020  |  2 mins 51 secs
    2020, catholic, catholic evangelizers, catholic prayer, evangelization, evangelize, good news, gospel, how to pray, ministry, new year, new years resolutions, pray, prayer, prayer practices

    Happy New Year! We’ve got five resolutions for Catholics who want to continue to spread the Good News in 2020.

  • How the Light of the Christ-Child Conquered Herod’s Darkness

    December 25th, 2019  |  11 mins 59 secs
    bible history, christmas, jesus, nativity

    On this glorious Christmas day, I, Gomer, give an abbreviated recap of King Herod’s dark, violent, and corrupt history. It was in the face of this proud ruler who did anything to secure his worldly power and wealth that God sent the most humble Christ-child. This Christmas, remember that no matter how small and insignificant you might feel, your “yes” to God will allow Christ to be born into this proud and haughty world in which we live.

  • What Repentance Looks Like

    December 18th, 2019  |  43 mins 36 secs
    advent, advent 2019, catholic, catholic church, catholicism, confession, dave vanvickle, fasting, forgiveness, forgiving, gomer, penance, repent, repentance, salvation, scripture

    Dave “The Wolf of Main Street” VanVickle and I wrap up our Advent series on repentance. We talk about interior repentance and how that shows up through things like fasting, keeping Fridays a day of penance, forgiving others, serving the poor, and constantly reorienting our lives towards Christ. We can’t buy heaven with these acts, (the cross of Christ is our salvation) but true repentance will always show up in our words and deeds.

  • Repentance Is for Sinners—Just Ask Zacchaeus

    December 11th, 2019  |  Season 0  |  31 mins 57 secs
    bible, bible study, catholic, catholic church, catholic faith, dave vanvickle, gomer, jesus, jesus christ, penance, repentance, scripture, sinners, zacchaeus

    I, (Dave VanVickle), have no nickname today, because sadly Gomer isn’t here. (He’s OK, he’s just been sick.) So I’m continuing our conversation about repentance solo. I want to talk about what repentance looks like in Scripture, especially Zacchaeus’ repentance in Luke 19, and how we can incorporate continual repentance and conversion in our day-to-day lives.

  • Advent: A Great Time for Repentance

    December 4th, 2019  |  45 mins 24 secs
    advent, advent 2019, advent season, catholic, confession, dave, dave vanvickle, gomer, liturgical calendar, michael gormley, mike gormley, penance, repent, repentance, season of advent

    The repentance aspect of Advent is highly neglected but extremely important. Most people like to focus on the love of God made man (which is huge, don’t get me wrong) but what is the proper response to this great love? Repentance.

  • The Dangers of Misdefining Evangelization

    November 27th, 2019  |  38 mins 10 secs
    catholic, catholic evangelization, dave vanvickle, evangelization, evangelize, gomer, gospel, jesus, jesus christ, mike gormley, ministry

    You’ve probably heard people say that evangelization is proclaiming the gospel and using words when necessary. Well, Dave “Roaring Lion” VanVickle and myself (Mike “Gomer” Gormley) have a problem with this phrase—it only covers one aspect of evangelization. There’s a whole other big part of evangelization where you use words.

  • What the Bible Reveals about God's Love

    November 20th, 2019  |  36 mins 57 secs
    bible, bible quotes, bible study, catholic, catholic church, catholic ministries, catholic parish, christian, god loves you, god's love, good samaritan, gospel, john, ministry, scripture, scripture passages, woman at the well

    Dave “The Perpetual Penitent” VanVickle and I (Mike “Gomer” Gormley) are talking about something we all know, but few people truly understand—God’s love. We’ve heard, “God loves you” just enough to make us content with the thought of it, and totally unfamiliar with the radial depth of that reality.

  • Natural Happiness: A Philosophical Approach to Evangelization

    November 13th, 2019  |  43 mins 5 secs
    apologetics, aquinas, catholic, catholic church, catholic ministry, catholic philosophy, dave vanvickle, evangelization, evangelize, gomer, happiness, kerygma, michael gormley, mike gormley, ministry, natural happiness, parish, philosophy, theology

    Dave “The Dandy” VanVickle and I are talking about a different approach to evangelization: philosophy. A lot of people respond to the kerygma alone, but some really need a rational argument to understand the reason for belief in God. So today we dig into natural happiness. To be brief, the idea is that nothing in the world can completely satisfy us, because we were made for something eternal, which is God. We also talk a bit about parish bureaucracy and the hierarchy of the Church. Let’s just say you should pray for your parish.

  • Stewardship Parishes, Discipleship Tracks, and Evangelization for Introverts

    November 6th, 2019  |  45 mins 32 secs
    catholic, dave vanvickle, disciples, discipleship, evangelization, gomer, gospel, introverts, jesus, mike gormley, ministry, parish, stewardship parishes

    Dave “He Stole My Eggo” VanVickle and I are coming up with answers faster than your magic 8-ball that’s probably still in your attic somewhere. We’re addressing your quick questions about parish life and evangelization including: What’s the deal with stewardship parishes (parishes where your salary is on record so they’re sure you’re tithing fully)? How can I make discipleship tracks in my parish? How can I talk about Jesus when talking in general is hard enough? And how can I be a good witness when the first contact I have with someone is about sexual morality?