Natural Happiness: A Philosophical Approach to Evangelization

Episode 49 · November 13th, 2019 · 43 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Dave “The Dandy” VanVickle and I are talking about a different approach to evangelization: philosophy. A lot of people respond to the kerygma alone, but some really need a rational argument to understand the reason for belief in God. So today we dig into natural happiness. To be brief, the idea is that nothing in the world can completely satisfy us, because we were made for something eternal, which is God.

We also talk a bit about parish bureaucracy and the hierarchy of the Church. Let’s just say you should pray for your parish.

What do you think about philosophical approaches to evangelization? Do they work? Are they helpful? Email us at [email protected] with your story, question, or comment—or if you’ve got a new nickname for Dave.

Snippet from the Show
“Your spouse is not sufficient to make you happy. They are a human person and your heart has an infinite longing that only an infinite God can fulfill. So if you demand your husband or wife to complete you, you are asking them to be God for you. That’s unrealistic.”

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