The Art of the Invitation to Christian Life

Episode 8 · January 30th, 2019 · 35 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

When evangelizing, there comes a moment in time when you will invite someone to completely give their life over to Christ and begin living a Christian life.

How do you know what moment is right?

What does the invitation look like?

Why is an invitation to Christian life so important?

Using Scripture, contemporary faith formation tools, and personal experience, Mike and Dave explain the sometimes subtle art of inviting someone to live a fully authentic Christian life.

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Snippet from the Show:

“If you read the Gospels, you are going to see constantly that the one man who could have demanded, is constantly instead inviting.”

Tips on Invitation:
1) Invitation should be gradual
2) Invitation should be compelling but not forceful
3) Invitation should be loving and gentle

5 Practical Tips:
1) Create one gathering of friends doing some activity. Invite someone who is on the “outside” of your group to take part.
2) Acts 10:34/43 Peter is preaching the Kerygma. Take it line by line and pray through it.
3) Meet one of your neighbors that you haven’t met yet.
4) Start your own group of intercessors. Ask one person to specifically pray for the people you will encounter and that you and others be open to the Lord’s words.
5) Go to Adoration for thirty minutes and pray for those specific people you will encounter and evangelize.

Resources Mentioned:
The Calling of Saint Matthew painting by Caravaggio
Ananias Training from the Catherine of Siena Institute

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