Is Jesus the Defining Characteristic of Your Life?

Episode 31 · July 10th, 2019 · 36 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Dave “Don’t Fear the Reaper” Van Vickle and I are talking about how to keep Jesus at the heart of your ministry and your life.

Today’s totally made up middle name for Dave is brought to you by listener Lina., who also asks the questions that we are answering in this show - thank you Lina!

We’re talking about the vine, the branches, and the backyard … (Dave bought a new house). We start with how to open your home to engage the culture and build community and then get to a question from Lina who asks, “What are the practical steps to stay grafted onto the vine when you’ve been sent to work out in the vineyard?”

In other words, how do we keep Jesus as the defining characteristic of our life when we feel called to go off and do great things on our own or within our parish?

Snippet from the Show
“The presence of suffering and persecution is the way that God makes you better, stronger, and woven even tighter with Christ the vine.”

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