Tools for the Newly Converted

Episode 21 · May 1st, 2019 · 39 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

We have a great show today. Not that we don’t usually, but today is especially good. We start with a question from a parish leader about intercessory prayer groups (Dave’s group is #goals). Then we cover what individuals and parishes can do for the newly converted and what tools we have for someone after their initial “yes” to Jesus.

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Snippet from the Show
“Walking alone is the greatest way for the devil to destroy your newfound faith.”

Questions from our listeners:
How do you start an intercessory prayer group? What resources are there?

  1. Start by finding the people who are already praying.
  2. Give each intercessor a job description (example: one Memorare a week, holy hour a month).
  3. Add fasting and prayer days with sign-ups (daily, weekly, monthly).
  4. Plan a monthly holy hour where we pray for the parish.
  5. Boost prayer life through monthly conferences.

What Happens After They Say “Yes” to Jesus?

  1. Teach them to communicate with God.
  2. Devotional Prayers
  3. Mental Prayer
  4. Meditative Prayer
  5. Create a community outreach to interact with new parishioners.
  6. Introduce them to reading Scripture.
  7. Moral and intellectual formation - there is a huge difference between knowing your faith and living it.

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