Bringing the New Evangelization to Your Parish

Episode 16 · March 27th, 2019 · 30 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

The New Evangelization invites baptized Catholics to renew their relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church (according to the USCCB). Started by Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, it’s a call for the Church (aka, you and me) to reach out to fallen away Catholics and bring them back to the sacraments.

We want to talk about how to bring this movement to your parish and community. Starting with Carole Brown’s Gems for the New Evangelization: Shamelessly Pilfered from Various Treasuries of Church Teaching, we then add some additional points that we’ve discovered along the way.

There are a lot of different things you can do, but the important thing is to start.

Snippet from the Show
“My favorite thing is to take every part of the Catechism and tie it back to the Cross and resurrection, because you can do it with everything.”

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The Five Points for the New Evangelization

  • Recover the importance of kerygmatic proclamation.
  • Build explicitly Christ-centered witness testimony into everything.
  • Talk in the explicitly evangelical language of the New Evangelization popes.
  • Saturate yourself in the world of God (Bible studies, lectio divina training…)
  • Establish a permanent discipleship track in the parish.

Dave and Mike’s added points for parish evangelization

  • Establish a formalized intercessory prayer group to bring about conversions.
  • You can’t do it alone.
  • Start with the programs that people must attend, to draw in people who might not be involved otherwise.
  • Start trying to meet everyone at your parish and learn their names.

The Five Practical Takeaways

  • Read paragraphs 1- 21 of the Catechesi Tradendae by Pope John Paul II.
  • Consider joining or starting a Bible study at your parish.
  • Begin a conversation with the pastor, DRE, or director of religious evangelization about evangelization at the parish.
  • Look for touchstone moments (baptism class, marriage prep class) and how you can be a volunteer in those ministries.
  • Buy a Catholic Bible for someone who doesn’t have one in your life.

Resources Mentioned in the Show